Dedicated – Headshot – 12x355ml Cans

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Performance where and when you need it in seconds. Delicious, convenient and pure energy; that is Headshot.

  • L-Tyrosine is an amino acid that not only provides energy, but also promotes well-being, increases memory function and a laser sharp focus.
  • An essential B vitamin that stimulates cognitive functions as well as increases endurance and stamina.
  • Contains Caffeine Anhydrous, one of the purest and fastest absorbing forms of Caffeine.
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Dedicated Nutrition have a reputation for delivering hard hitting products and none moreso than their energy enhancing preworkout Unstoppable but sometimes you need energy on the go and it is for those times that Dedicated have now introduced their Headshot energy drink.

A Different Class of Energy Drink

When you think of energy drinks what enters your mind? Red Bull, Monster and their imitators all tend to rely on a lot of sugar and caffeine to give you energy and though these companies have adapted their range to offer low or zero calorie versions as well, they are still basically selling you nothing but caffeine.

Dedicated Nutrition have made their name in the field of advancing human performance so their energy drink naturally does a lot more than a mass market rival. While it still contains caffeine to provide you energy it combines it with N-Acetyl-Tyrosine which acts as a potentiator of caffeine to both enhance the effect and also to make it last for longer.

Headshot also includes Choline Bitartrate which helps to balance the energy in Headshot by providing users with focus so that rather than giving you scattergun type energy, this keeps you dialled into what you are doing, whether it is working on a project or helping to push through a tough workout.

Lastly, Dedicated have added a small dose of Beta-Alanine, an endurance enhancer that helps promote greater anaerobic performance by buffering lactate accumulation that would otherwise lead to the dreaded muscle burn. However, the dose found in Headshot is pretty low so unless you are taking beta-alanine elsewhere in your supplement regime you should not expect too much from this ingredient when taking Headshot.

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